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Kogamaru VS Igamaru Kogamaru VS Igamaru

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Fellow WOL Flash guy

I to had Intro to Animation, and had the same time constraints (although in a different section) for the 30 second reel. I have to say I watched every other of my class mates work and I have to say YOURS owned all of them. It was a tight squeeze I am sure, having only a couple weeks to complete, while trying to learn the ropes... That class was difficult. Well done ChronoNomad. The only reason I didn't give the full score was because I couldn't see the swords clashing, bloodletting and I was slightly saddened, although I know in the future this Sagi <wink> will continue!

P.S: If you get a chance please watch mine as well, I'll try to upload it later today!

ChronoNomad responds:

Wow, I'm happy to rock the 9, Wolfnine! Especially since it's your signature number! Thanks a million!

Yes, the class did seem to sort of condense about six months of learning and classwork into a short little two month time span. Not to mention 30 seconds simply isn't enough time for some serious swordplay action!

Nice little "Sagi" reference there, too, Wolfnine. I'll be getting back to him and his world as soon as I can, believe me. I also checked out your animation project and left you a review, so check it out! Peace!